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 Learn How To “MAKE MORE and WORK LESS” As The World’s Premier Resistance Band Training Specialist Reveals His Trademarked DONE-4-YOU Fitness BAND Boot Camp Training System!


Dave Schmitz (aka.. The Band Man) Provides You With The Most Simple, Convenient, And Affordable Methods To Be Able To Start Your First Break Through Boot Camp… TOMORROW…. So You Can Finally Make More Money in One Training Session, Than You Used To Make In An Entire Day and get superior RESULTS that other trainer are missing out on!


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Along the way Dave Even Shares Insider Boot Camp Secrets Of His Fellow 6-Figure Group Training Colleague That Will Have You  designing boot camp workouts  that get Real Life-Changing Client Results That will Put Your Competitors Out Of Business!




Do Not Keep Reading Unless You Want To have a “Full Proof” Boot Camp Training Niche that will have Prospects Knocking Down Your Door!


Wouldn’t it be nice to simply walk out to the local playground or parking lot with a single 30 inch duffle bag that weighs less than 15lb and in less than 5 minutes set up a complete total body training circuit that will provide 25 or more clients a workout they will be telling their friends about while they come back week after week!!


 Dave can’t wait to share with you how he Went From The Classic Meathead Bodybuilder With Constant joint Aches and Pains To A FAST-FIT – n- FLEXIBLE Band Training Reactive Machine With A Body That Looks and Performs like a 20-Year Old!





From the Resistance Band Training Office Of:

Dave Schmitz (aka..The Band Man)


Dear Fellow Fitness Professional


I was 38 and thought I was still 24 when I stepped out on the track that day.  But when I finished that first 100 meter sprint I knew I was 38 and I did not like how it felt.  My back hurt, my legs felt like 2 lead pipes, my arms and legs moved like they were boards, and at  5 ’11  185lbs I felt slow, stiff and not very athletic. I made a commitment that day to do whatever it took to recapture my ability to become FAST – FIT and FLEXIBLE so I could:


Jump – Sprint – Hop – Swing – Throw – Skip and PLAY any Game…

 When Ever and Where Ever I wanted too!!


It was no longer good enough to be weight room strong and just happy with what the mirror said. It was about functioning at a level that most 30 + guys or gals only could dream about. It was about being able to run with my kids until I was 70.  

It was time for a total mindset shift and a definite change in my “Slow, Iron Pumping, straight plane” training routine. It was also no longer good enough to just do that crazy balance board or slide board stuff. Not realizing it I had become “Old Man” Stiff and “Weight Room” thick and needed to get back to being lean, long, mobile and Athletic!!


Thank goodness for old Football Coaches


It had been about 3 months since I had seen this 62 year old ex-football coach go ballistic with a rubber band while dropping into a full “down to the ground” split easily and often. Prior to that experience I was “Iron only” when it came to getting stronger and in shape. In my blind muscle head mind bands were for sissies or rehab patients not for real working out. 


It was also about this time that I started learning about how the body really moves from a outstanding functional physical therapist who today I consider one of my real clinical mentors. Growing up on a farm for 18 years, I always thought of the body as a tractor… Load it up (Adding weight) and you will increase the torque (contraction) which will increase power. Just keep adding the weight and keep banging out those straight plane movements and power will come.


As a Physical Therapist,
I should have known better


Being a physical therapist you would have thought I would known better and realized that the body is 3 dimensional and needs to be trained accordingly. But I couldn’t get it through my thick “iron pumping skull” that just maybe the body could respond to other forms of resistance. Maybe there is more to being strong than what’s on the bar. Maybe to be fast and explosive, I needed to train fast and explosive which meant I’d better make sure my joints and muscles are mobile and reactively stable enough to do so.


It was also starting to make sense why all my muscle head gym buddies were constantly complaining about a sore back, sore shoulders, and painful knees and why they were rehabbing more than they were training. Not to mention why they were constantly having to modify exercises to adjust for crappy flexibility and joint pain. Once again, you thought I would have figured it out sooner.



Don’t be satisfied with just working out… Train to bring back the athletic body you had and would like to recapture.   It is definitely possible if you can break away from always lifting gravity depend dead weight and start implementing a multi-planer, multi-force vector Reactive Resistance Band Training component into your workouts today!!



 Training like an athlete was my new mindset and it should be YOURS


When it comes to understanding how the body works we have all been lied to. Muscles are “Dumb”. They don’t think. They show no emotion. They do not have small little built in brains. When it comes to the real world they do nothing consciously and that includes contracting.


Ya… I know you can sit or lie down and concentrate on tightening up those bi’s or tri’s. You can squeeze the abs and butt muscles to make them burn. Try doing that while YOU explode out to catch a pass from your son or while getting to a back hand that your buddy just ripped down the line.  

It ain’t going to happen!!

When you go out and try to function in the REAL WORLD, you will not be able to consciously do that and actually move with any kind of efficiency or power. Can you imagine what life would be like if every time we needed to move we had to think about making sure the right muscles were working at the right time??

Fortunately the body is wired up to automatically react to the big 3 drivers of function…….. MOMENTUM – GRAVITY and GROUND REACTION FORCES

Personally, I wanted functional strength, balance, coordination, speed, power and the ability to move anyway I need to.  I want to look athletic, feel athletic and be able to workout like an athlete for many years.

I am not talking about doing workouts that are going to cause injury.  I mean workouts that are going to improve the aspects of movement and performance that made an athlete athletic.


 Far from being Athletic


Any time I would attempt to lunge quickly I would lose my balance and please heaven forbid I try to do single leg training. 

My abs were tight but far from being “6 pack material” considering all the crunches, reverse crunches, sit ups and leg raises I did. Essentially my abs were sit up strong and stabilization weak which meant my back was not lovin’ life or my present workouts.

Can you imagine how pissed off and inflamed my joints got when I dare attempt to play a game of basketball or Tennis.

Even though I was stronger than I was at 24, I was functionally performing at the age of 50.  Life is not always about the mirror folks.  If you can’t move what good are you.

What I needed were muscles and joints that were FAST-FIT and FLEXIBLE and a body that reacted immediately.


It wasn’t going to happening by only training with Dead Weight



Doing all that free weight training and db work definitely increased my strength but I wanted more than gym strength.


Personally, I wanted functional strength, balance, coordination, speed, power and the ability to move anyway I needed to. I wanted to look athletic, feel athletic and be able to workout like an athlete for many years.


I am not talking about doing workouts that are going to cause injury.  I mean workouts that are going to improve the aspects of movement and performance that makes an athlete athletic. I wanted to be athletic on the field, mowing lawn, doing yard work, and throughout my entire day. Being athletic meant being able to live life to the absolute fullest.


Oh and along the way…. Having that ripped sprinter body wouldn’t be a bad deal either



Jim Labadie

“More than Just a Fitness Professional”

“Dave Schmitz is almost as good a fitness professional as he is a person. And you don’t find men better than Dave.

He’s as passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable as it gets. If you want to learn from the best, learn from Dave.”


Jim Labadie

CEO Prograde Nutrition


“An Industry Leader Professionally and Personally

Dave is one of our industry's leaders, and a guy you can model professionally as well as personally.  I’m proud to be associated with Dave in any way possible, as he certainly doesn't lack in character, integrity, and an outstanding reputation, in addition to his professional achievements and attributes.

Nick Berry

Ultimate Business Systems, Inc

Fitness Consultant Group, LLC


Nick Berry


"Dave Schmitz is a rare symbol of TRUE AUTHENTICITY in a world filled with fitness scams and gimmicks"

"I simply cannot say enough good things about Dave, both personally and professionally. A lot of people in the fitness industry with his knowledge and success have too big of egos to ever take the time to help up and coming fitness pros follow in their footsteps.

Several years ago, it was Dave who actually contacted me as a fellow local Milwaukee fitness pro. I was nothing more than a rookie strength and conditioning coach wet under the ears looking to find a way to get started. He invited me to see one of his world class fitness band boot camp classes and from the moment I walked into the room I was hooked at the ease with which bands can allow trainers to make more and train with large group sessions.

I immediately implemented both Dave's resistance band training equipment and methods into my corporate and general fitness boot camps and the rest is history… I went from living below the poverty level to owning my own 6-figure boot camp business!

I am getting pretty emotional as I am writing this, because I really have a lot of love for Dave. He was there for me when I needed his expert help, and I feel blessed today that I am now humbly able to return the favor as a big-time success story for the band guy!

Listen up and listen close: it's all here baby! Everything YOU need to start and/or expand you fitness boot camps using bands is literally a click away. Dave is the REAL DEAL and I am thrilled that he has finally packaged and released his PRICELESS years of knowledge to the general public so that now YOU can 'run with' resistance bands like I did. Trust me, life has been a helluva lot better since making at least $200+ per half-hour session and taking 15 weeks of vacation per year… something I COULD NOT HAVE DONE WITHOUT Dave's RBT system! Thanks a million Dave ;)"

BJ Gaddour, CSCS


Bj Gaddour


So Maybe I needed to look into this Resistance Band Thing a little closer


The next day after my brutal 100 meter sprinting attempt, I picked up my dust collecting bands that I had gotten from my football coaching friend and the rest as they say is history. I haven’t put them done since.


Within 8 weeks of continually training with resistance bands doing the flexibility, speed strength, power, and  foot agility based workouts I had taken my 100 meter time from 15 to sub 13 seconds and don’t look now, my waist had gone from a thick 34 to a leaner 32.  Not bad and guess what else…. NO BACK, NO SHOULDER, and NO HIP PAIN especially when I did my sprint workouts which were now a bi-weekly routine.


It’s  amazing how much energy your body has when you don’t have to work so dam hard fighting against your own joint resistance and muscle inflexibility.


Humm… I wonder what Boot Trainers would think Of Working Out with Bands???


Doing fast moving band workouts at the park or on my driveway 4-5 times per week started getting people talking. When people saw me doing 4 step speed work, hallway jumps, band Jacks, speed squats or my metabolic upper Torso Circuit at the gym, questions started to be asked.


What the hell is this guy doing with bands?? 

How the heck can he do that at his age??

That band workout looks tough!!


See back about 1995 Band training was considered by most to be for rehab or for ladies in the aerobics room that didn’t want to sweat. Tough iron guys didn’t workout with rubber bands!!  Well fast forward to today..… Band training is not a fad and my boot campers are getting seriously athletic, in great shape and looking great.


By the way do you know what an athlete that is Fast – FIT and Explosive Looks Like???   Yep… Lean, Long and Chiseled.


Fitness Pros… You know what it takes to make your clients come back for more….RESULTS and FUN


AS a business person it’s all about conveniences and getting workouts in anywhere, anytime and with intensity.


AS a 40 something soccer mom it’s about looking great but not having to lift weights with the meatheads in the weight room.


As a 30 something guy or gal it’s about making sure you stayed healthy at the weekend warrior softball or basketball game. 


For those old athletic dads it’s about not letting your teenage son kicked you A..s on the driveway basketball court every Saturday.


For the energetic grandmother or grandfather it was about being able to enjoy the grand kids and not having to sit on the porch and just watch.


  Performance isn’t just for athletes and resistance band training (RBT) isn’t just for rehab or wimps


How can a 41 Inch continuous, industrial strength, flat Resistance Band Get YOUR clients in great shape and keep them coming back for more??


Well let me start by first addressing the myths about training with Bands


Myth #1:  Bands Are for those Wimps who can’t lift real weights

One of the things that really turned me on to band training was reading how Louie Simmons (International Power Lifting Coach) used bands to train guys to lift literally 1000’s of pounds. He wasn’t using them for active recovery…. He was teaching them how to create serious power by training rep speed versus rep weight. These guys aren’t wimps… They were the strongest SOB’s on the planet.


Myth #2:  Bands will break on Day 1

Well if this is true, explain to me why 100% of all NFL teams and 100’s of Division I Athletic Teams train with bands and I’m not talking about some skinny tubular thing you buy at the local Wally World, or that pink color theraband used by Jane Aerobics and definitely not those nylon coated bungee cords that split you in half if you run to far. I mean industrial strength flat layered bands designed for aggressive total body training that will allow you to sprint, jump, push, pull, crawl or do whatever movement you want in them. 


Myth #3:  Bands don’t build strength or power

Definition of Power = Force x distance / Time.  

Many of the top power lifting coaches in the world are implementing resistance bands into their training and it’s not because they wanted an active recovery day. They realize speed of movement, not just weight, is critical to power production and bands are the only tool that accelerates gravity.

Bands build strength by challenging muscles to work through the entire range of motion, where as free weights follow the normal strength curve, bands follow the functional strength curve. Bands also can create force in multiple force vectors and therefore attack muscles from multiple angles.  This is something that “Gravity Depended” Weights can’t reproduce.  

So why do my general population clients care???   

Life is about power, multi-planer strength and kicking gravity’s butt, not just about getting stronger. It’s about getting results in the mirror as well as on your feet. It’s about looking good and performing at the top of your game every day with muscles that are lean, long and strong and movements that are efficient.

This is why clients love training with bands!!


Myth #4 Band training will not burn fat or increase metabolic output

To burn fat means you must increase work density preferably using some type of resistance training while performing interval or circuit based training.

Do you honestly think your muscles know the difference between getting tired lifting weights and working out with bands??

Fat lose is all about workload density. Band training is not only convenient it will make you work harder in both the concentric and especially on the eccentric phase of every rep. It will challenge you through the full range and then challenge you to slow down an accelerated eccentric phase. Free weights cannot reproduce this and definitely can’t reproduce this in multiple force planes.

Now let’s talk about training fast. Have you ever seen a fat sprinter?? Bands will allow you to train as fast as you can go.

Fast muscles are lean muscles and that’s a fact!!


Here are the FACTS about REACTIVE Resistance Band Training…

FACT…  Faster Reacting muscles are leaner muscles (Just look at how quick not necessarily fast athletes are)

FACT….  Flexible muscles get tired less because they don’t have to fight against themselves

FACT….  Fast training allows you to burn 5 times more fat in 1/2 the time

FACT….  Elastic resistance makes you work full ranges of motion which means higher workloads and greater energy (calorie) expenditure

FACT…  You will train the power center (abs and butt) on 90% of all exercises and eliminate the need for worthless crunches and sit-ups which your back will love  


Now let’s look at some Real World Benefits for Fitness Professionals…


Band Training is SIMPLE!

You don’t need a Masters in exercise science to complete these workouts… Just let your body do what it does naturally… Push – Pull – Walk – Run – Jump – Lunge and Swing.  Don’t train off your feet unless it is on your hands

Hook up bands to what every is round and solid enough to hold them.  A post, a bench, a swing set, a door, or even another person.  Then it’s just a matter of training.  In most cases it will take you about 5 minutes to get set-up and if you are really good, you teach your clients how to set up the bands and now all you do is show up, set the workout and crank the music.

It really is that simple. 


Band Training is VERSATILE!

Various resistance levels and multiple set-ups match anyone’s strength levels and you don’t need to change the pin or transport 7 different kettlebells with you. Just step back or step out and your client has the resistance they need. 

The Super Set Circuits I show you are so easy to do and your clients will start to ask for them weekly.


Band Training is CONVENIENT!

Where do you want to host your boot camp???  A Park ??  A Gym ??  A Vacant Parking lot??  Under an Express Way??   In a Garage??  Or How about in a Church?

All possibilities when you consider how portable and versatile a rubber band is. Bring the gym to your clients.

Heck..using the Partner RBT system, you can essentially train anywhere, anytime, with anybody.  All you need are clients, the ground and bands. From there, you are ready to rock the house.

Wouldn’t it be nice to show up to your camp with a small bin of bands and not have to break you back carrying kettlebells, ropes, dbs and medballs out to your location 4 times a day??


Band Training is extremely AFFORDABLE!

Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Medballs or other Fancy Contraptions all cost well over $1000 to train a Camp of 10 Clients.  Body weight is Free but gets a little boring after a couple of weeks.  

To train a group of 10 clients all you need is 10 bands which will cost you about $200 which that alone is a 60% Overhead Savings.  How long will that take you to pay off??  Maybe 2 sessions?? 

Now what do you want to work on???

Cardio……. Total Body Strength……. Flexibility……. Power……Agility…. Balance.. Core Stabilization…Rapid Fat lose…. Metabolic Conditioning


Band Name

Band Color

Band Size (inches)

Band Strength (lbs)



5- 20







1 1/8




1 3/4




2 1/2

100 - 170



3 1/2

150 - 240


Ever try to stretch with a couple of these??



Sprint with This???



With bands you can literally train it all and you only really need to start with one band.  Even body weight training gets turned up a notch when you add bands to squats, push-ups, pull-ups or lunges.


But Dave Bands only last a short while where kettlebells and dbs last essentially forever.  This is true if you buy cheap molded bands or some weak tubular product. I have replaced less that .01% of the bands I have sold over the past 5 years and most of those were a result of misuse not band defects or wear and tear. Matter of FACT… I still own the bands I first started with in 1997. 

Bands last if you learn to take care of them and I will help you with that as well.


Don’t bother reading any further if you think free weights, kettlebells and Dumbbells are the only way to train or you enjoy carrying them out to camp everyday


Continue to read if you would like to learn how to get people Athletic and in Freakishly great shape using a rubber band


As you already have seen, I was forced to change or my workout days were going to be limited. Fortunately I put my stubborn Iron pumping ego aside and started training with resistance bands.  I don’t want you to have to stop working out and I want your clients to flourish. So I took out all the guess work when it comes to getting you training with bands.     


Introducing the
Fitness Band Boot Camp 

A Fitness Professionals Guide to implementing and Training people how to transform their body by getting incredible results training with a 41 inch continuous resistance band



Fitness Band Boot Camp was created to help fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts workout with bands the right way, the fun way and the fastest results way. As a dedicated fitness professional you are going to be able to provide your clients the opportunity to:


  • Get back their athleticism they have lost with age or  following traditional workout designs

  • Eliminate nagging low back, shoulder, knee or hip pain that prevents clients from reaching their goals

  • Train the body the way the body was designed to work so daily energy is off the charts

  • Get a 60 minute workout done in 20 minutes while getting 180 minutes of benefits

  • Get out of  sterile gyms that don’t create the energy needed for great results

  • Train strength without having to constantly throw weights around

  • Make a 20 minute workout seem like 2 minutes 

  • Make workouts  fun and still create a big time challenge


 Transforming you or your client’s body using Bands has never been this easy!!

Let me share with you just how many workout ideas you are going to get inside the Fitness Band Boot Camp Kit:


  • Over 15 different band set ups that are easily adapted to any location or person

  • Over 20 Single Band  4 Minute workout videos that anyone can do with 1 simple band

  • Over 22 workouts videos using multiple bands that allow you to train any movement pattern

  • 10 Core workout videos that will train your trunk to be “6 Pack Reactive and Ripped”

  • My top 15 Cardio Workout videos you can have clients raving about for weeks

  • 5 Super Set workout videos designed to never have to have your clients change location

  • My top 10 Pre-designed Band Boot Camp workouts for you to get your off and running.

Brand New Addition.. My revolutionary Partner Training DVD which will absolutely blow you away with how you can train with bands and need nothing but the ground, space and people


I can’t wait for tomorrow!!

Great work Dave!

I can't wait for tomorrow morning so I can put to practice some of the great ideas, exercises and workouts in your Fitness Band Boot Camp EXPRESS Workout Manual.

You are full of great insight and information brother.

No more wasting time with band set-ups, exercise set-ups or band selection.

This Band Kit is the one stop shop in resistance band boot camp training!

Thanks again Dave!

Kevin Pasquay, MS

KP Fitness, LLC
Media, Pa


A Boot Camp resource Must!!

Hi Dave,


Wow, I can't believe all the great content you have packed into this package! I run fitness bootcamps myself but hadn't used bands very extensively. With the information you have provided I realize now I was definitely missing the boat in terms of the diversity and the benefits of resistance bands.
This is easily one of the top bootcamp workout resources I have ever seen. Thank you so much for an incredible resource we fitness professionals can rely on.

Ben Warstler, CSCS, NSCA-CPT


Resistance Band Versatility is Amazing


My mind is working overtime with ways that I can incorporate these drills into my group sessions.
The exercises are simple to follow and easy to implement as a stand alone or in addition to any other equipment you currently use.

Thank you for this invaluable resource, it is a winner for sure.

Daniel Munday


The Resistance Band Bootcamp Package is a great resource!


You have everything covered here in a very easy to use style. Workouts that look good on paper, come alive with the videos, and are absolutely killer when implemented with yourselves and / or your clients.

I was under using my bands - Now I’ll be using them to the max!

Steve Cork


Band Innovation and a whole lot MORE

This product has a ton of innovative exercises!

If you want to look like a real fitness professional and an exercise genius in front of your clients … then this product is for you!  You will never run out of options with all the crazy but very functionally based workouts you can put them through with just some simple rubber bands.

Plus you can take the workouts to “Where the clients ARE”!  So much easier than lugging around weights - so if you do in home training, this can really save your back.


Inject fun back into your own workouts, and attract attention to your unique training methods. Bands are incredibly versatile. Learn from an expert how to incorporate them safely and effectively.

This product also answered questions I had not thought to ask like:

What changes need to be made for different population groups?

What is the best way to set up bands? 

How to keep them in good shape so they don't quickly wear out or break?


Thanks for the pre-designed workouts to use with my fitness boot camps….Just plug and play BABY.

David Hoffmaster


Exercise Options…. NO Worries Anymore!!


If you've worried about exercises for your boot camps or what type of equipment to use…  Your worries are over.  The Band Man has done it again.

I dare you to try it yourself then without a doubt you have to use it with your clients.

Benson Manento
Breakthrough Sports and Fitness
Hotlanta Bodies Fit Camps


RBT … A rising info commercial Star

Dave's Bands are great. Being a boot camp / personal trainer, not only do my clients love using these bands during the sessions, but I have incorporated them into my own workouts as well. I am currently following the P90X and switched from dumbbells to the Black and Purple bands. They are kicking my butt a lot more then the dumbbells were. I feel as if I am really adding a challenge to my body but find it easier to use then weights! You need to get these bands to really get the results you see on TV. Live Fit, Live Free.


RJ Robinson, CFT


First Time Boot Camper… Hits it Big with RBT!!

Hi Dave,
I just wanted to let you know that I just completed my first mini boot camp using your bands. I did a 3 day camp and I used the RBT A, B, C sample workouts that I got with my economy package. It was a total hit! I kept the size to just 5 ladies so I could manage everything easily since this was new for me too.

Thanks for your support and I love your product.


Suzie Donaldson, CI-CPT
Owner/Certified Personal Trainer
YOU! Fitness Boot Camp


It will get your creative juices flowing

Great job with the videos. Watched about half of them so far and I am lovin it. Very creative and inspired me for new exercises as well. It kept me up an extra hour after I shut it off thinking of more ideas. I appreciate your knowledge level and great explanations. I can see your passion is with that type of training and you have put your time in all aspects from set-up to execution. Awesome. Job well done Dave!!

Stay Strong,


Matt Attanasio BS,CPT,PES
Center for Athletic Performance


Attention Trainers… Can YOU Say Additional Revenue Streams

Don’t get me wrong…. I love to train large groups of clients. It is what gets my juices going. But as a father of 3 and a lovely wife who I want to see more than 30 minutes a day, I need additional revenue streams. I suspect as a fitness entrepreneur you do as well. Now you can… with the Fitness Band Boot Camp Kit, you can capitalize on a Full Proof Band Training Business Blue Print designed to make your life easier, get great client results and create additional revenue streams simply by bringing RBT into your boot camps.


 Here are 9 quick ways Bands turn into Dollars $$


  1. Increase Client $$’s because you have an exclusive niche that have clients lining up to get in to your boot camp

  2.  Increase $$ from selling bands to your campers and collecting affiliate commission dollars for every band sold

  3. Save on having to buy expensive equipment and take that money $$$ and put it into marketing your camp to create more clients

  4. Start FREE weekend band workshops  to teach people how to use bands at home and then sell bands to them along with discounts to your boot camp

  5. Go after the youth market by offering FIT Teen Camps because kids and teens love training with bands

  6. Don’t forget about the Senior Population… Bands work great for them (Fit-Senior here you come)

  7. What about the recreational adult athlete market. Bands fit perfectly with their on the go lifestyle

  8. If you have your own facility what about starting your own RBT Gym or RBT Training Area??

  9. Lastly put bands on your Website and start marketing bands through your site and make big time affiliate $$’s with no inventory needed



Dave I want to bring RBT into my boot camp…. Exactly what will I get with my purchase of the Fitness Band Boot Camp???


Regardless if you are a veteran or a beginner boot camper, I have tried to put everything you will need into this exclusive package to get you rocking and rolling with bands. Here is a Sneak Peak at everything you receive in this “First Ever” Fitness Band Boot Camp Opportunity.




Your Own Video Band Library ($300 Value)

3 Videos Devoted just to Resistance Band Training for groups or individually

You will receive over 70 personally narrated video clips that include:

  • 15 Different Quick Low Cost Band Set-ups that I walk you through 

  • Over 50 high intensity interval workouts using single or multi-band set-ups

  • Over 15 Cardio workouts guaranteed to crank the heart rate and develop locomotion strength

  • 15 Core Emphasized stabilization workouts to get you pillar strong

  • 6 Super Circuit workouts that will absolutely smoke your whole body in less than 10 minutes


You will literally have an RBT video library to assist you at creating knock out workouts every week





Fitness Band Boot Camp Set-up Guide
($45 Value)

Start your business with a Low Cost Overhead and Guaranteed High Return on Investment

When you read the set-up manual, I guarantee your creative juices will start flowing.  I get you started with over 15 different Band set-up options you can plug in and literally do anywhere.

This manual alone will allow you to train anyone you want.. Anywhere you want….Anyway you want





EXPRESS Band Workout Library
($65 Value)

Band workouts at a glance!!!

When your computer is not at your side, the Workout Manual is your quick glance band workout reference guide that provides you everything you need to put together your weekly band workouts.

Along with pictures of each video workout, I also provide you a place to take your own notes as you watch the video clips so do not always need the video clips. 

As a result once you have reviewed all the personally narrated video workouts, all you do is pick which ones you want that week, plug them into the Fitness Band Boot Camp template (which I also provide you) and you are good to go.

Boot Camp Training has never been so easier and yet so exciting to your clients.





Fusion Band Boot Camp Workouts
($65 Value)

Let me take the guess work out of planning your initial Band Boot Camp…

The Fusion Band Workouts are my top 10 – 30 minute workouts including band set-ups and audio interval recommendations. It will literally walk you through.

Using these proven Fusion Band Workouts allows you to not have to worry about what mini workouts to choose. Just use what has already been proven to get the job done.

 All YOU do is demonstrate and push play!!





RBT “Done 4 You” Email Series
($30 Value)

Why Recreate the Wheel

Blowup your Fitness Band Boot Camp while simultaneously earning affiliate cash using my Done 4 YOU sample emails. I take all the work out of you having to jump start your Band Boot Camp promotion by providing you this Done 4 YOU Emails that you can use to promote your band camps. Cut and Paste these pre-designed emails on RBT into your newsletters and Blogs. Then just click send and watch people start signing up.

Newsletter Titles will include:

  • Performance isn’t Just for athletes!!
  • I Hate to Run
  • Building a Margin of Error
  • A Reactive “6 Pack”
  • Fitness Should Be an Adventure
  • Getting Muscles to React Not Contract
  • Blubber Burning Band Workouts


Not only will your present campers love you for providing them great content… You will also bring in new campers and make affiliate $$$ when they click on your link to buy bands and accessories.   This is a WIN – WIN – WIN opportunity and all you have to do is “CUT - PASTE - Click”.





Brand New Addition…
Partner Band Training is your ticket to total “attachment free” band training
($49.95 Value)

I have now eliminated the need for any band attachments and in the meantime created the ultimate team chemistry training system. Your campers are going go absolutely ballistic when they start partner band training.


This single DVD provides you with my personal narration of how to set-up and perform literally 40 plus partner based band exercise routines that will impact the entire body. Cardio, Upper Torso, Lower Torso and Core. I also provide you 4 different wourkout design options so 40 now becomes 160.


Train in a church, gym, park, home, hotel or any place you have space and a floor. That is all you need.




Fitness BAND BootCamp Sound Tracks


Fitness BAND BootCamp

Fitness Band Bootcamp has teamed together with BJ Gaddour and Workout Muse (the world first music interval training system) to now provide you exclusive sound tracks to train yourself and your clients seamlessly.

You will receive a download links with specific training sound tracks including

  • 20 - 10 Tabata Band Training
  • 30 - 30 Band Training Strength Program
  • 50 - 10 Metabolic Band Training
  • 45-15 Resistance Band 10 Station Band Circuit
  • Continuous 2 Minute Partner Band Training

With these incredible soundtracks along with over 100 plus single or partner based resistance band workouts, all it take now is to push play and Crank It to get big time workouts every time.




That’s the main Product items…. Now take a look at what I am providing as

Exclusive Introductory Bonuses




Super Bonus #1
Loaded for Success: The Evolution of the Band Assisted Lunge-Reach Matrix  ($25 Value)

Bands don’t just resist… they also assist movement.  The assisted lunge – reach matrix is the bases for a staple movement retraining program my boot campers have used to create optimal hip mobility and stability at the same time. After you try the Assisted Lunge-Reach Matrix you will never go back to ordinary warm-up lunges.

Once you are sold on this warm-up drill you can use this e-guide as a……

  • Free  Bonus to your Camper

  • As part of an Introductory Camp session

  • As part of a special “Pre-hab” Promotion

… and provide your clients with greater insight on RBT and it’s versatility.





Super Bonus #2
Continuous 2 Minute Partner Band Training E-guide
($35 Value)

One of the best ways to initiate partner band training is using the Continuous 2 Minute program design. From an instructor standpoint it provides them the chance to teach each exercise independently during the 2 minute active recovery time as well as providing quick ques during the short break time between sets when following the I Go – You Go training format. From a participant standpoint it allows them to learn by watching, listening and doing which in turn creates a higher level of success when first implementing band training. Lastly the Continuous 2 Minute program design allows for both partner based training as well as individual band training. Start with attachment free training but before you know it you will have everyone doing partner attached band training and loving it.







Super Bonus #3
70 Must Have RBT Tips For Trainers E-Manual
($50 + Value)

To help all future Band Boot Camp Fitness Professionals get started I will provide you a copy of my 70 RBT Tips that you can use to create dynamic newsletter and blog content to help sell your clients on your new and unmatched  Band Boot Camp training system.

Use each of these tips to not only assist yourself with learning more about RBT but also teach your clients why they want to be part of the growing population of fitness enthusiasts that are training with resistance bands and are getting amazing reactive results.





Bonus #4
Stretching YOUR Athleticism
$35 value

YOUR Guide to Creating “Resistance FREE” Functional Movement.

Flexibility Training is a lost component of training and yet is the Number #1 Reason why so many individuals live with Low Back, Hip and Knee pain every day of their lives.

Stretching your athleticism is all about taking a simple $16 band and using it to recapture the movement skills you had when stretching wasn’t important while eliminating nagging joint stiffness and pain you now feel every morning

Let me take you through the top 5 Resistance Band stretches that will help you create “Resistance FREE” movement and a Pain FREE Life Style.





Bonus #5
Partner Band Training E-Guide
$35 value

YOUR Guide to Creating “Resistance FREE” Functional Movement.

There is no other tool that allows you to create more partner training options then resistance bands. Combined with the Partner Band Training DVD, this straight forward Partner Band Training E-guide will help fill in the gaps while providing you straight forward partner band training workouts you can implement tomorrow. However before we get to the workouts, I provide you the do’s and don’ts of partner band training as well as some very helpful recommendations and set-up options. If you are not incorporating partner band training you are missing out on one of the big advantages of training with bands that you could be offering your boot camps or large group fitness classes.


So Dave, How much is this incredible 4 Video and 8 manual Ultimate Band Boot Camp package going to cost me???


I know what you’re thinking….. How much is this exclusive, never every seen before information going to cost me.  Well first of all you can see that with everything in the package plus the added bonuses… You are looking at over $900.  Keep in mind that you are getting over 70 tutorial workouts and over 15 live tutorial set-ups that would cost you well over $700 if I did those live.  Initially my price was going to be at least $350 but as a trainer who loves learning and challenging himself as well as his clients, I wanted all fitness professionals to get their hands on this information ASAP and not even question the cost.


I can’t wait to have YOU see what “REAL” Reactive resistance band training (not this machine simulated band training crap) is all about.


For that reason, I’m going to offer the entire Fitness Band Boot Camp as well as all the super bonuses and the New Partner Band Training Video and Manual for $99.99 $79.99– But only if you act now!!

$99.99 $79.99
Order Now


All the Risk is on Me


Here is another way to look at it… HOW many new clients does it take to make $99.99??  1 maybe 2?? I will guarantee that as soon as you start using the information in the Fitness Band Boot Camp… You will have at least  3 new clients within 2 weeks. That is a 5 fold return on your investment.  And that is in 2 weeks.


“Of course you must first take action!! Start by purchasing the Fitness Band Boot Camp today!!


What is it worth to get 3 new clients, have no rent because you can go anywhere, and eliminate the need for expensive equipment… Wouldn’t that be worth at least $99.99??


It has been for me and I guarantee it will be for you or you get every penny back."



OK Dave, I am ready to order the
Fitness Band Boot Camp


$99.99 $79.99
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Attention Fellow Fitness Professionals.. It’s time to add the Reactive RBT System into your training tool box.


Let’s face it…. Adding Reactive RBT into your boot camp training is only going to distance you more from your fellow trainers who are still doing boring and non-productive 1 on 1 training or body weight training. Of course they could be lugging around a 1000lbs of dumbbells or kettlebells but my back hurts thinking about that. 


With The Fitness Band Boot Camp, you have no more excuses… I have done everything but physically come to your camp!!


As a Fitness Boot Camp Trainer, you are in an elite group of fitness professionals who want to excel. The sooner you learn about how to bring Reactive RBT into your boot camps the sooner you blow away your competitors.  It’s really that simple.


Get off the fence and take advantage of this
Risk Free Opportunity TODAY!!


$99.99 $79.99
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Train to get YOUR Body to React not Just Contract


Dave Schmitz



PS… Time waits for NO one… Action is what gets you closer to your goals and Band Bootcamp Training!!


PSS… No one trains with bands like you are about to. All it takes is you wanting to Get BETTER. I promise you your competitors will. Stop Learning and you stop Growing.  Period


  • 6 Training Manuals in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format

  • 1 MP3 Audio Interrogations

  • ACCESS to YOUR own RBT Video Library

  • My new Partner Training Video and Manual



YOU have my promise that your order will be 100% Guaranteed and Secure.